Identifying the Top Challenges Business Travelers Face While on the Road

Business class seats, amazing views at 35, 000 feet above the ground, daily room service, trying out unfamiliar dishes, different sights that excite the eyes. To most of us, the life of a business traveler can be imagined as lavish as this. But in reality, business travelers face massive hurdles and challenges while on transit than working steadily in a consistent office location. In fact, there’s a new study conducted by a men’s suit retailing company,  Jos. A. Bank surveying 2000 male travelers and found out that an average business traveler only has two hours remaining free time for themselves each day and still has the pressure to work in such small remaining free time.

Corporate travel has become more complicated in recent years and here are some of the challenges business travelers are facing nowadays:

  1. Keeping Track of Travel Expenses

If you are living in the previous years, your most common way to keep track of your expenses is to gather all your receipts which will be reimbursed upon coming back. Having to keep every single receipt, from a single cup of coffee on your breakfast to your ticket back and forth the town can be such a hassle. Who wants to get bugged by gathering numerous receipts while on a hectic working schedule? Fortunately, there are mobile applications where you can keep receipts on your convenience, namely Expensify, Concur and Certify where users are allowed to take photos of their receipts and auto-generate an expense report.

  • Accommodation Inconveniences

As a business traveler, you don’t always get to choose where to stay at. You might want to stay at a more comfortable hotel room yet you perhaps choose to stay at a more economic place and avoid over-spending. Even when you get some freedom to choose, you may end up with a list of accommodation services which is still subject for your management’s approval.

  • Being Away from Home.

Flying constantly, you can only have lesser time to spend with family and friends. There goes these times you’ll sadly miss family reunions, birthdays and other relevant celebrations as you are away wandering to earn a living which, the only way to reach out is by staying connected through online media platforms.

  • Adjusting to Different Time Zones.

Pretty sure you’ve already experienced jet lag at least once after travelling overseas? Adjusting to different time zones mess up your body clock and sleep cycle. This usually results to sleep deprivation as your body still adjusts to another time zone you are located to.

Whether it’s for business or leisure. Traveling doesn’t have to cause utter confusion. Comfort and convenience must be your company’s top factors to consider as you are one of the essential keys to making the organization successful.  

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