Awesome Digital Innovations of 2018

Customers hunger for decibels, the pounding noise brought about by digital technology. 2018’s a year when technology blooms at its best and customers are religiously yearning for more. Some, for entertainment, few for elevated communication and mostly, for the satisfaction of our cerebral famines. Let’s look back on some of the eye-popping innovations that changed the way consumers live.

Initially released in 1999, Sony’s model dog companion, Aibo made a comeback this August with upgraded and improved version using deep learning and cloud-based memories. Aibo comes with touch sensors, facial recognition and camera mapping. This robot dog continuously grows and changes, generating constant updates on its data cloud. Aibo learns its surroundings, recognize faces and keep memories as it records everything it experience on a day-to-day basis through a camera installed on its eyes as responsive interfaces, adjusting its behavior based on what it sees.

Learn more about Aibo

  • Floating AI Astronaut Assistant

CIMON-Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, an 11 lb plastic orb manufactured by Airbus and uses IBM’s Watson AI Technology has made its debut aboard the International Space Station this November. CIMON was developed as a mobile and interactive astronaut assistance system with abilities to recognize faces and respond to verbal commands and requests with the help of voice-controlled AI hosted in the IBM cloud, record videos and photos with its integrated camera. CIMON’s ears has eight microphones installed for directional recognition and microphone for good speech recognition. Internal fans to roam and rotate freely in all directions, nod its head and follow the astronaut dimensionally- all these, making it a colleague to its crew members.

Magic Leap, an augmented-reality goggles opens a portal of creative possibilities for its users. With physical objects and digitally created characters integrated and work together right in front of your very eyes. With a pair of over-sized goggles, an external computer called Lightpack and a handheld controller, now you can watch clumsy dinosaurs and virtual penguins walk off the edge of your table.

Learn more about Magic Leap Goggles

  • OTT Services and Applications

OTT- Over-The-Top are services of media and communication content delivered through internet without the requisites of subscribing to multi-channel television and broadcast television platforms. Popular names in OTT are Netflix, Hulu, Facebook Watch, Viber, Skype and WhatsApp.

Has 2x optical zoom lens, offering Hasselblad image quality allowing pilots to see the bigger picture downfield. Computer vision helps the camera lock onto the subject in the frame allowing more polished output.

See the future of aerial technology, learn more about Mavic 2

Smarter and more creative robots, virtual reality innovations, AI-powered assistants and Over-The-Top applications. These only are few of the many breakthroughs digital revolution has brought us this 2018. And surely, we will be expecting more of it in the coming years. As technology continuously matures, more ingenious innovations shall be expected.

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