Top 5 International Travel SIM Cards of 2018

We know preparations before trips aren’t that easy. Looking for the best yet affordable seat sale offers, searching for cozy accommodation, constructing properly arranged itineraries and getting a list of stuff to carry can be so much hectic, these only are the basics. Are ways to keep in touch already on your must-have list? Whether for leisure or for business, plan the most convenient travels with these 5 international travel SIM cards that topped the market rankings this 2018.

  1. KnowroamingKnowroaming is a Canada-based company providing connectivity solutions from anywhere around the world with its Global Sticker SIM released in 2013. As soon as you enter another country, Knowroaming SIM allows you to experience unlimited data packages with call and messaging accessibility available in to different countries. Upon receiving the SIM, follow a quick instruction provided in the user manual, register an account and you are now ready to go. Plus, take control of your subscription usage through downloading Knowroaming app.

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  • Dime World SIMSo here’s another reason why you don’t have to buy another travel SIM. Dime World SIM is a product of Dime Global, a digital enabler with operations in Bahrain, London, Hong Kong and Philippines with innovations as OTT based app, OTT SIM and enablement to the digital telecom market. Dime World SIM is available in two forms, regular SIM and sticker SIM that allows you to a hassle-free and cost-effective UNLIMITED data connectivity in over 70 countries. Dime World SIM doesn’t need to be taken out upon returning home as the SIM remains usable with your home SIM. What’s great about it is does not expire! To avail affordable data packages, download Dime World App and buy the package based on your travel need and destination.

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  • GoSIMGoSIM provides convenient connectivity services for business and recreational travelers with voice, messaging and data plans for international use. Rates depend on the nationality and travel destination of the user.  Just like some other SIM products, GoSIM has incompatibility issues where such product may not run on a specific device.

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  • FlexiroamFounded in 2011, Flexiroam offers mobile roaming services for travelers. Like any other travel SIMs, use Flexiroam to take care of your emails, connect and share photos on social media and other numerous activities during your travels.

Learn more about Flexiroam

  • OneSiman offering of the US carrier Belmont Telecom, OneSim also offers voice, messaging and data packages to different countries worldwide. Plans are all prepaid with free incoming calls and messages to specific countries. Data packages vary on your location and your destination.

Learn more about OneSim

Which International SIM would you buy for your upcoming 2019 trips?


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